[ Classic Day Tour in Bali] Uluwatu Cliff Temple, Nanwan Turtle Island, Gege Beach, Jimbaran Seafood BBQ

Guided by the Chinese team leader, head to the Uluwatu Cliffs, a popular tourist attraction in Bali. To see the magnificent blue seascape of the Indian Ocean and visit the 70-meter-high Uluwatu Cliff Temple. Stroll through the beaches of the most comfortable sands and crystal clear waters of Bali.Experienced the rich water activities of South Bay, and get close to the turtles at Turtle Island. Enjoy a delicious lobster with fresh juice at Jimbaran Beach, surrounded by beautiful sunsets, and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Bali.

Itinerary description

– Itinerary features –


・The whole tour is accompanied by a Chinese tour guide to explain all the attractions.

・Seeing the unique Komodo dragon and special cockfighting competition in Indonesia

・Eating Fresh lobster, grilled fish, crab, shell, squid and shrimp at Jimbaran Beach Restaurant

・Visit Turtle Island, touch the cute turtles and take a photo

・Overview of the superbly popular spots in Bali – the magnificent view of the Uluwatu Cliff Temple


– Itinerary information –

・Collection time: between 09:00 and 11:00 (if there is no special note to depart, it will depart at 09:00) ・

Collection location: where the passengers stay

・Travel length: 10 hours


– Itinerary introduction –

South Bay (Benoa)

By car from the hotel to the South Bay, visitors can choose whether to experience a variety of exciting water activities, visit the Turtle Island, touch the cute turtle, watch the local cockfighting competition and play a game, you can also see many different animals, including Indonesian special Komodo dragons and big bats.

Ger Ger Beach

Welcome to Ger Ger Beach, the best beach in Bali, you can walk slowly  through the softest beaches, step on the clear waters, lie on the beach and enjoy your life.

Uluwatu Cliff Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu)

Ascend to the ultra-popular spot of Bali, which is 70 meters above sea level, the Uluwatu Cliff Temple, where you can admire the quaint temples and see the Indian Ocean and a view of cliff.


Finally, with the candlelight and the setting sun, head to the seafood resort Jimbaran Beach and enjoy the fresh seafood lobster BBQ dinner.

– Attractions –


South Bay (Benoa)

South Bay is Bali’s most famous water sports area, including towed paragliders, jet skis, banana boats, donuts, and you can also dive in the colorful corals and experience the most exciting water activities.
The most famous is the turtle island, you can get close to the cute turtle and take a photo with it! In addition, there is a chance to see the unique Komodo dragon figure in Indonesia, or to gamble in a special local cockfighting competition; to satisfy the passengers’ love of playing with water and small animals!


Ger Ger Beach

Located in Nusa Dua, Gege Beach is the location of the most expensive hotel area in Bali. It not only has the finest sand and clear waters of Bali, but also too much tourists in there. Take a stroll on the soft and comfortable long sandy beach, step on the waves, listen to the sound of the waves hitting the beach, and enjoy the time.


Uluwatu Cliff Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu)

Located on a 70-meter-high cliff. The Cliff Temple not only can overlooks the  cliffs, but also offers a panoramic view of the azure seascape of the Indian Ocean. there is a story about a couple. They love each other deeply, but they are opposed by their parents because of their different social status.Finally, the two of them jumped into the sea to suicide.Therefore, the Uluwatu Cliff is also known as the “Lover’s Cliff”.



Jimbaran is known as the beach with the most beautiful sunsets in Bali and you can eat the most fresh seafood in here. Jimbaran’s cuisine features was cooked by a coconut shell and grilled.When the customer is enjoying the meal, they can also smell the fragrance of the coconut.And then the beautiful sunset comes, the night falls, light some candles, with the sound of the waves, while tasting the fresh seafood BBQ. It is a great enjoyment in life!

※ Lobster set contents:

one lobster (about 500 grams, you can choose steaming or grilling), grilled fish, crab, shell, squid, shrimp, greens, rice (rice can be infinitely continuous), drink a cup (juice, beer , soda drinks, coconuts choose one).



The fee includes: dinner

South Bay Water Sports

Visit Turtle Island and touch the cute turtle

Uluwatu Cliff

Uluwatu Cliff Temple

Eating BBQ seafood in Jimbaran WITH SUNSET

Seafood BBQ content

Tickets for attractions included in the itinerary

Jimbaran Lobster BBQ Dinner

Tourist guide

Driver and traffic

Oil and tolls

Vehicle and travel

accident insurance

Turtle Island tickets, round-trip tickets (if required, please order a package with this content)



South Bay Water Sports

The fee includes meals not mentioned in the meal



Exclusive small group tour, 2 people can make a trip, no need to join a stranger team.

The total length of the trip is approximately 10 hours. If the passenger has timed out due to personal factors (such as late arrival), the hourly overtime fee is 150,000 rupiah (about 11 US dollars).

Provide English and Chinese speaking guides. Please note that the type of tour guide is required when ordering. If there is no remark, it will be randomly assigned.

  • hour reply confirmation (excluding holidays).

The itinerary includes vehicle and travel accident insurance, but it is recommended that passengers can insure travel insurance in Taiwan.

Free pick-up area: Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, Denpasar, Sanur, Ubud; additional fare increase area: Krobogan, Tabanan, Ken Di Dasa (additional price of 300,000 rupiah).

Water activities are self-funded and you can choose whether to experience it or not .

  • You can choose whether to go to the Turtle Island. If you want to go, please order the ticket with Turtle Island and the round-trip ticket package (approximately 15 minutes by boat, the boat is intensive, 2 people or more can sail at any time).
  • Children under the age of 2 are free , and children over 2 years old are the same price as adults (if children under 2 years old need to a seat, they are the same price as adults).

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